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redmine_gitrevision_download: Redmine GitRevision Plugin 0.0.8 released
New Translations and bug fixes
Added by chantra over 2 years ago

redmine_whining: Redmine Whining 0.0.6 released (6 comments)
Redmine Whining 0.0.6 is out. This release include new localizations and improve email readability
Added by chantra almost 3 years ago

redmine_whining: Redmine Whining 0.0.5 released (1 comment)
Redmine Whining 0.0.5 is out. This release include new localization and a new feature.
Added by chantra about 3 years ago

redmine_gitrevision_download: Redmine GitRevision Plugin 0.0.7 released (1 comment)
New translation, a bug fix and some enhancement to support windows
Added by chantra over 3 years ago

redmine_whining: Redmine Whining 0.0.4 released (1 comment)
While 0.0.3 was fixing an issue where emails were not send properly, they were still an issue left which is now solved. Also, some translation got backported from master.
Added by chantra over 3 years ago

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Latest projects

  • redmine_newissuealerts (2011-07-22 04:05 pm)

    A redmine plugin to send email when a new issue is created

  • redmine_gitrevision_download (2010-06-12 04:17 am)

    This plugin creates a download link in redmine git browser allowing users to download a specific revision.

    It depends on ruby gem grit

  • redmine_whining (2010-06-08 11:54 pm)

    Implements an email alert system when issues have not been updated in the last X days

  • redmine-plugins (2010-06-08 11:53 pm)

    This is the parent project page of different Redmine plugin I have made.
    Check the subproject links below to get redirected to some more interesting content.

  • openvpn-mysql-auth (2010-06-08 01:40 am)

    A flexible OpenVPN plugin to handle user using a MySQL database backend